My name is Chris. I was born & raised in LA. I'm a nerd & geek, and I graduated from CSULB with a B.S. in Chemistry. I love Tech Trance, Psy, Techno, Deep House, Liquid DnB, Chillwave, Chillstep, & Lovestep!

I have an slightly unhealthy obsession with the Lakers (even though this is the worst season ever), the Dodgers, DotA 2, clouds, pictures of pristine landscapes, and, most of all, space.

Twitter: @ChrisIsChemical

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My Next Party: ???

In Miguel’s room waiting to head out. I look at his laptop, and it’s Tumblr. Look, MJ’s on the dash! Lol #iCAEM #trancegasm #justsaidgoodbye (Taken with Instagram)

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  1. justsaidgoodbye said: i don’t remember reblogging that pic though -.-
  2. love-ashh said: Have fun for me guys!!!
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