Hi, I'm Chris. I love my dog Aria very much. I was born & raised in LA. I'm a nerd & geek, and I'm a chemist (Go Beach!). I love Tech Trance, Psy, Techno, Deep House, & Liquid DnB.

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Lakers, the Dodgers, the Kings, DotA 2, clouds, pictures of pristine landscapes, and, most of all, space.

Twitter: @ChrisIsChemical

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My Next Party: ???

In Miguel’s room waiting to head out. I look at his laptop, and it’s Tumblr. Look, MJ’s on the dash! Lol #iCAEM #trancegasm #justsaidgoodbye (Taken with Instagram)

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  1. justsaidgoodbye said: i don’t remember reblogging that pic though -.-
  2. love-ashh said: Have fun for me guys!!!
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